Norman R. Beaupré
Biddeford, Maine

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Nick Cowenhoven

Norman Beaupré was born in Southern Maine and grew up speaking French in Biddeford, Maine. He did his undergraduate studies at St. Francis College in Biddeford Pool and then moved on to Brown University for graduate work and received his Ph.D. in French literature in 1974.

In 2000, he became Professor Emeritus after 30 years of teaching Francophone and World Literature at the University of New England. Traveling extensively, he spent two sabbaticals in Europe where he got the inspiration for several of his books.

Beaupré writes in French and in English. His first book, L'Enclume et le Couteau - the Life and Works of Adelard Coté, was published in 1982 by the National Materials Development Center in

In 2012, Beaupre released Cajetan the Stargazer, his 17th book, a novel dealing with the building of medieval cathedrals. It’s essentially the story of a man called Cajetan who grows up to be a builder of cathedrals having followed the steps from apprentice to journeyman to master architect

Beaupré has a new book that just came out. It’s in French, L’Etranger Extraterrestre.” He calls it “un roman en essai”, a novel in essay. It’s not a sci-fi book but one that deals with extraterrestrial issues and nebulae and stars along with galaxies..

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